Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Round Deux

So many suggestions. I should have finished the entire set before sending it off. More practical now and with spoon! Thanks for all the comments, I really enjoyed the Klingon comparison! For those loyal followers (you know who you are) I am actually posting a nearly completed project :o . Looks like the cutlery generated more interest than I had anticipated. So please take a look a the refined version. And no, I am not changing the lines to match the knife.
see any grammar errors? squint.

Jeff Pinard


  1. If you put a serrated edge on the left side of the spoon, then it could also be used for grapefruit....

  2. Oh I still like it even though you didn't like my advice on "changing the lines to match the knife." :) -WZhang

  3. Haha thanks W,
    Your suggestion is probably right, I think it would result in a completely different look overall though!


  4. Good job Jeff....I really like them...I don't know of anyone who could machine/fabricate stainless, but 'll ask around...keep up the good work..John Mahan

  5. What intriguing shapes...from another world. Excellent!