Thursday, March 31, 2011

Graphic Novel

Role: Writing, Illustration, Product design, Future vehicle design

So right now im currently in the process of writing and illustrating a graphic novel. I think my perspective of what may be interesting is a bit scewed. You see, I am wirting most of the story told in first person; furthermore I have written story before starting the illustration process. the reason for this is, that I wanted the words to read more like a real novel, rather then a "play". Im hoping this turns out to be a decision worth my time. There is not nearly as much dialogue between characters as most, it is really an internal character observation,/character driven story line. Before you decided that is sounds like garbage, fret not, it involves zombies, government conspiracies and is set in the year 2135.
I have taken it upon myself to include as much product/costume/vehicle/architecture designing as possible. Most objects will in fact be created in Solidworks, then rendered into scene (with as close to realistic appearance as possible), finally to be brought into Photoshop and stylized .

It is yet to be titled. If interested in reading through a rough draft, please contact me.

Jeff Pinard design

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