Friday, April 1, 2011


The SQUEEGiT, March 31, 2011
This is my most recent product design endeavor.
Our role: Design, Concept Development, Renderings, Technical Drawings

We’re proud to bring you the SQUEEGiT, the greener alternative to other screen-cleaning offerings:

* Uses recycled material for our CleanAiD bottle

* Eliminates the need for paper waste (See Baush & Lomb Clens™ system)

* Eliminates microfiber cleaning cloths (they trap oils, dirt, and germs, but eventually fill up and lose effectiveness) that are either discarded or need to be washed and cleaned (see Monster iClean™)

* SQEEGiT is press fit together and requires no epoxy or special solvents, therefore each SQUEEGiT is unique!

* By applying cleaning solution directly to a touch screen, results in minimal cleaning solution used

o Uses less than one raindrop (Based on 24 raindrops per mL) of CleanAiD to effectively clean and sanitize an iPhone or other Smartphone

o Uses about 2 raindrops of CleanAiD to clean and sanitize an iPad or other tablet computer

o Laptops require 3-4 drops of CleanAiD to keep them clean

SQUEEGiT™ is the most effective, efficient and environmentally friendly solution for cleaning your iPad, iPhone, and Blackberry (and laptop, and monitor, and Kindle, and PSP, and DS1, and TV, and get the point). Live smudge free, Squeeg Away!!/pages/SQUEEGiT/196294210411044?sk=wall

Jeff Pinard Design

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