Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bike Concept

Hello dedicated followers and accidental finders. I have spent about a day and a half sketching up my latest idea. It is a Fixed gear with a hand clutch. Essentially it would allow you to cost when you engage the clutch (located as a twist mechanism on the left handle.) Dont ask me why this is needed, or beneficial, I just thought it would be interesting. As you release the clutch, the front gear would slowly engage, this could be used as a primitive and somewhat inconvenient brake system. I have come up with (what I think) is a unique way of doing this. I hate the word basically because it is over used, however, basically, the front gear acts as a fly wheel. When the clutch is engaged, it pulls the gear inward, leaving the pedals free to spin on their own. In fixed gear mode, the front gear would press back against the pedal arms, forcing the pedals to turn the pulley resulting in forward momentum! There would need to be some sort of spring mechanism inside the bike that is strong enough to force the front gear to say pressed up against the pedal arms. So if you didn't understand any of that, you aren't alone. I will attach a picture.
the second interesting this with this bike concept, is the adjustable seat and front forks. If you notice the little holes, the front mount/seat will be able to slide along and re attach itself in those positions. This would result in changing: the seat height, the overall bike length and the distance from the rider to the handle bars.
As you can clearly see it is far from complete. I wanted to post my progress. Might put the final renderings in my portfolio. And if none of this made any sense what so ever, it is because I wasn't able to provide hand gestures while explaining it... probably


  1. Cool...I do need the hand gestures though...:-) Any patent applications?!

  2. For now I will say yes, ha or just a serious 'eventually'.
    thanks for the feedback.