Tuesday, April 26, 2011


So I have had this idea for a while now. I think it may have come to me on the cusp of falling asleep. Its funny how that seems to happen. I think I get my most interesting ideas right as sleep graps my face and says, see you tomorrow. Usually I don't remember half of them, I up thinking, shit, I know there was something I wanted to remember. Anyway, here they are. Not finished yet of course. I will start with a brief description then explain what needs finishing. Essentially the bar across the top can pivot like a regular ghetto blaster handle. The right hand square-like hole is a docking station for your smart phone, ipod etc. The top knob controls a clasping mechanism made from rubber. As you turn it counter clock wise, it pinches the device into place. Once the device is connected, the bottom knob controls the volume. Pretty straight forward. The things its missing are extensive. I mean ideally there would be some sort of universal connector which allows you to hook up your device to the speaker. The pivoting handle needs to show the actual pivot points, because i don't think they would be flush like that. The rubber pincher could also be hidden behind the wood paneling to make the product look a lot cleaner. And the speakers.... well again i'm sure there are a number of tweaks that can/will be made. Anyway, I still think its pretty decent for about an hour and a half of work.

Jeff Pinard

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