Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pinard Clock (throwback)

So I saw a wicked clock in a movie (here) a few weeks ago and was amazed that afterwards, I realized I had no idea how the designer did it. Notice the arm has apparently nothing to make it move. Turns out it was designed by a famous illusionist (Houdin). So I took it upon myself to figure out just how the heck this guy did it... without using a Google search. Anyway after about 15 minutes of staring I finally figured it out. I was so impressed with the simple genius of it I decided to design this "throwback" to the Houdin clock. Mine makes the illusion a fair bit more obvious, but regardless, I am very happy with how it turned out. There would be four motors, two on either side, controlling the position of each hand. The time adjusters are located on the back, M for minutes and H for hours stupid. The unit would ideally be plugged into the wall, so as to avoid having those annoying dieing battery issues, and de-syncronyzing the motors.
If you haven't figured out the illusion from the images yet... good luck with life. ;)

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