Sunday, January 22, 2012

Jinard iWare

I'd like to take the opportunity to thank web-help forums. spent a week in enraged misery solving my Photoshop issues. I have a few designs that have been waiting to make their debut.

Any way, I was thinking about making some eyewear based on the screwless are designs that are starting to pop up, of which of course there are a few (here) and (here). Though the funny thing is these bad boys still ended up with those annoying little fasteners on the side to hold the arm in place. Maybe just as a nod to the ancient eye-glass technology god... or not.
Either way I felt that adding a bit of a thick clunky look (the screws) would nicely offset the minimalistic frames... which of course are very, very minimal. I think we are safely to the point where the frames of glasses don't need to encompass the entire lens (and i mean material strength wise). So I give you iWare (yeah I called it that), the glasses that some how have both the thick look of the classic Raybans and the light airy feeling of frame-less glasses.

Seriously, really happy I got my GD pscs5 workign again. (thanks Tim Hendry)

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