Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Computer Finger Print

Like the background?
Admittedly I could have made the pattern line up a bit better, but I am more interested in explaining it.

A few years ago I was messing around with photoshop, trying to see what the program was capable of. After a while I got bored and decided to use the Blur tool on the work I had just done. Hmm and whats that? The sharpen tool? would that restore the image? nope.

But what if I re Blur and sharpen again... and again... and yeah we get it. Thus the "computer finger print" was birthed.

Try it yourself, It is amazing the types of patterns that appear!
Mind you this is just a tiny fraction of the original Image... maybe 1/100th? You gotta zoom in a bit depending on your dpi.


hm actually now that I think about it, the pattern is actually quite remarkable. Its sort of like order out of chaos. or something ha.

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