Friday, December 30, 2011

Jigsaw Cutlery

Had trouble sleeping last night because of this idea. I still haven't got the fork prongs exactly how I had envisioned them, but close enough. This set is meant to fit together via the cut-aways like a jigsaw puzzle, except nothing like a jigsaw puzzle. Also the fork looks more like a spork.


  1. Hey, cool idea for the visual appeal it would have on a table setting but you should determine the form cuts based on table setting etiquette. You could keep it simple and attach the left side of the spoon and right side of the knife with the fork by itself because it is on the other side of the plate. Maybe form the fork to the plate radius?

    Or expand the cutlery line to a formal set with salad and main course forks that fit together on the left side of the plate and still the soup spoon and knife that fit together on the right side.


  2. Hi Bg, thanks for the suggestion, I realized after the fact it doesn't follow any particular etiquette of place setting.
    I will look into that. Keeping in mind this is just conceptual for now, your suggestion will certainly help in the development!

    Thanks again.