Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Not Your Dad's Plywood Speakers

Anyway, I had come up with this idea during my headphone rampage. I figured why not change it up a bit... ish.
A bent plywood backing (may make a square shaped one so don't get any thoughts!)
Cut a hole.
Put ball-bearing clasp.
Mount Speaker.

Something like that..

So essentially the back post, when twisted and turned, changes the orientation of the front speaker in relation to the backing. This will (theoretically) change the way the sound bounces off the back plywood wall, while simultaneously changing the direction of the forward wave. Maybe making some interesting sound variations...maybe. If you think a diagram might better inspire your taste buds I can post one after on request.

Hopefully this commercial I did in photoshop reads like a comic ish.
(Open image in new tab to view larger)

Pulse Speaker. - Jeff Pinard - Samuel (no consent) Jackson

Side note: I just came up with an idea.. the back ply could be bent in some sort of compound way so that when you rotate the speaker, the reflected sound is completely different, thus creating a different effect ie, more hollow or a warmer sound. Is that possible? or would you have to offset the speakers rotation ?


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