Friday, April 8, 2011

2 Day Marathon

So it is official, doing the graphics for the novel has not only been extremely addictive but highly time consuming. The full novel sans-pictures is about 50 odd pages (minus the fluff and chapter titles). So far, I have gotten through 2. Two of these pages translating into roughly 6 illustrated pages. My god this is going to be a monumental task. Yesterday I sat down at 11am, started illustrating around 12pm. the next thing i knew, my roommate was home from work at 11pm, went to bed at about 2am. I must say though its pretty dammed fun! Am i concerned that i could have been spending all that time searching for a job, or busting my ass flipping burgers at McDonald? heck no. This recent passion I have discovered is amazing and I will ride until, arthritis wont let me click the mouse.
here are the samples... enjoy!
also, captain Kirk has a camio... but not really, hes just a place holder for now, until i can convince Shatner to let me use him... or whoever Kirk answers to..
(yes that is also John con)

Jeff Pinard,
Industrial Designer

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