Wednesday, April 13, 2011


These days I seem to be finding the more simple objects the most interesting to design. This might be because it is more form based, and you have a lot more freedom to actually make practical designs from far fetched concepts. This semi-set of cutlery was actually inspired by a couple things. The first being a pen I designed a few months back (see portfolio page). The second thing I drew inspiration from was the Katana (Japanese Sword). It some how reminds me of an angled bone like structure, possibly the jaw of a wale? In any case, I wanted to see what it would look like in utensil size. Idealy the blade would be sharp all the way past where it is fastened in place. The bend wood/carbon fiber, protects the users hands.
As far as the fork is concerned, I do know it looks far less elegant. In fact I would almost call it a "Solidworks sketch". this is because I was really just fooling around with shapes while I modeled it. Funny enough that segues into a topic that I really need to address. "Solidworks sketching".
I know im going to get shit for this one, but here it is. I really think that sketching and conceptualizing products using primarily solidworks has been crucified for far too long. These CAD programs have become so powerful that they are nearly (and i mean NEARLY) making had sketching obsolete. Granted, I did/do rough out most of my product before CAD, but primarily they really only come to life once I get modeling. Lets examine, many people say that sketching gives you the general idea much faster furthermore, it is far more versatile in terms of where/how it can be done. I do agree, yet to reiterate my point, once 3D modeling can be easily done on tablet devices (ipad etc.) look out. I think think this kind of mobile CAD will take over. I say stop pissing on people who use CAD more then sketching, get with the times, there is more then one way to transfer an idea from your brain to the world.

Jeff Pinard.

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