Tuesday, April 5, 2011

First Generation Helmet.

Jeff Pinard Design

Here I sit, getting my bi-monthly dose of Remicade. Its funny how people in these situtations often take great pride in listing the the times they have gone to the hospital or how doctors and nurses have done them wrong in someway. I have literally been in between a full on one-uping battle between two people also getting their Remicade... But I digress, back to the point of this post. Sitting in this chair for a couple of hours every two months has today allowed me to take the time to finish up some renderings. Here is the first generation hazmat helmet from the graphic novel (yet to be named) that I am working on.

The idea behind this design, is to combine an almost steam punk style with futuristic-like materials. I described the suits as being a mash up of parts and technologies. Supposed to be pretty gnarly looking like when NEO wakes up from the matrix, only to find be confronted with a cluster of wires and technology mashed together. Not really the sleek and dynamic future most SCI-FI stories (like I-robot) portray... in terms of design that is.

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